Social Technique: Put Yourself in the Other shoes

I sum up all the learning I got from my social experience.

If you want to be a social butterfly:

1 – Don’t masturbate neither with Pornography neither without

2 – Fast. It means that for some hours of the day you don’t eat anything. For instance, I usually skip breakfast and eat only at 1 pm.

3 – Don’t be self absorbed. When you are alone is OK to be self absorbed. But when you are with other people try to forget yourself and listen carefully with your body.

I mean try to imagine and ‘feel’ how could be to be the other person. I usually don’t force myself, as before, to look the other person in the eyes and to nod to everything he says.

On the contrary I just try to feel what could be to be him, saying those things. I try to take and feel his point of view.

This thing works amazingly also and especially with women. Women are emotionally and mentally totally different from men. And we cannot just learn canned phrases to seduce them, like the Pick Up Artist do, and that’s it.

We should, instead, to feel how they feel (totally emotional and not rational) and so we can communicate with them.

With women, I always had the problem of -Not knowing what to say- That was because I was feeling as a man trying to communicate with them. Instead I should go down to their emotional level. In order to talk with them.

I noticed that women at first they test if you are emotionally intelligent to talk with them. Maybe if you do jokes and you really listen and ‘understand’ them.

Then, after they relax, they start to tell things to you of themselves. Like their problems.

Also in a banter, in a mock (that is the basics of seduction) you should be careful and not listen to what she says but ‘understand’, feel her.

So you will know exactly what to say in that situation.