Life’s focus

I spent this afternoon with Waine. He is the age of my father.
I like to spend time with him just to talk.

I used to be stupid in the art of talking because I revealed too many things of myself. I am angry because in school they don’t teach us nothing about real life relationships and you have to figure out how to behave all by yourself.

They don’t teach, as well, how men and women are totally different from each other and sometimes they intimidate me: young pretty women and strong muscular men are at the top of the list.

In order to understand how to behave with men I wrote some posts on ‘Male Only Online Forums’. It worked also in the real life.

My belief is that controlling relationships equals to happiness in life. I put a lot of effort to study successful people.

My father chose the job for me and now I want to get out.

I want success with people both now but also delayed in time thanks to my skills.

When I will come back home I will collect all my written creative material because my dream in life is to write about relationships and how to succeed socially.